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This Month in Our Shelters A play during Hanuka, The King Snir

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We had many activities in our three shelters over the last month. We enjoyed Hanuka and lit many menoras. And, as usual, we hosted mayors, Knesset members and artists for candle lighting. Here are some of the main events we held in our shelters.

 Our Hadera Shelter

In our new home we were sadly missing a sheltered place to hang laundry and a place for storing our equipment. The Neta Ofer Company took on the project and donated the time and supplies and built us an awning in the yard. Thank you to Ofer, the owner and Pnina, Mamoon, and Salach for the wonderful work and the additional repair work you so graciously did for our shelter.

חברת נטע עופר בונים לנו אזור מוגן לתליית כביסה

The Neta Ofer Company building us a covered area for our laundry.

Hanuka in the Hadera shelter was very happy as usual and full of activities. The children and mothers went to see the musical Aladdin and the show Festigal. They went for a day trip on horse-drawn carriages that was organized by the Hadera Rotary Club. They took part in a Hanuka party in the neighborhood and also a yoga workshop for mothers and children. On the eighth night of Hanuka we were delighted to host Hadera’s new mayor Mr. Tzvika Gendelman for candle lighting. He blessed the women and children in the shelter.

ראש עיריית במקלט חדרה בנר שמיני

Hadera’s mayor in the Hadera shelter on the eighth night of Hanuka.

A fun day for the children and their mothers (that came along and slid on slides very happily) water slides, ice cream, and cotton candy. A big thank you to Tzadok who always donates all of the equipment for our fun days.

סוכר, הידוע בכינויו ״שערות סבתא״

Delicious cotton candy.

Our Rishon LeZion Shelter

In Rishon we also had several events including children’s plays, Hanuka candle lighting and more:

הצגה במקלט בחנוכה- "המלך שניר"

A play during Hanuka, The King Snir.

We are continuing our educational program with the police and this time we showed the children how the police work with dogs.

 פעילות במקלט של משטרת ראשל"צ יחד עם כלבי המשטרה

An activity in the shelter with the Rishon Police Department and the police dogs.

The Prison Guard course 482 from the National School and also the Nir Guards came to the shelter in Rishon to paint, plant new flowers and make the children, women and staff very happy!

קורס סוהרי קבע 482 בית הספר הארצי וסוהרים על שם ניר שהגיעו למקלט ראשל"צ.

Course 482 came to the shelter in Rishon to paint, plant new flowers

Our Herzlia Shelter

The Herzlia shelter was very busy in the last month with a variety of activities and visits. We celebrated Hanuka and Mrs. Sara Netanyahu came for a visit. The organization office worked on different projects and campaigns for promoting awareness of violence against women. Mrs. Sara Netanyahu had a very successful visit. It began with her meeting the children in the shelter who felt very comfortable and met her with a song and presented her with gifts they made for her. The visit continued with her meeting the mothers in the shelter. She listened to them and empathized with their life stories.

החתימה של שרה נתניהו

Sara Netanyahu’s signature.

We lit another candle with Mr. Moshe Fadlon, Herzlia’s mayor and representatives of the municipality. Suprisingly, twelve-year-old Inbal decided to celebrate her bat mitzvah with the children in the shelter, a very gracious act. We also lit the eighth Hanuka candle with Inbal who brought surprises for the children.

הדלקת נרות חנוכה

Hanuka candle lighting.

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