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Good People All Around

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All year and especially on Good Deed Day, we are privileged to meet people whose beautiful side shines. This year at the Rishon shelter, the good people from AIG, Women’s Circle of Rishon, and the volunteers from Ruach Tova came together, pulled up their sleeves and began renewing the children’s rooms, dining room and clubhouse. They plastered and painted the walls, drew on them and made them all fresh and new.

In the Herzlia shelter the wonderful people from Radiancy came to rejuvenate the rooms, dining room and treatment room. Even our small garden got a loving hug from them and is now green and blooming.

The wonderful women from the Herzlia Pituach branch of Bank HaPoalim brought a pile of amazing costumes for the children. They dressed them, put on their make up and most importantly made the shelter children very happy. In the name of the bank employees, they brought under garments for the women and children in the shelter. In the evening the shelter residents were surprised with an exciting, funny and outstanding performance by The Playback Ensemble that left them with a wonderful and joyful feeling.

Volunteers from Ruach Tova in Tel Aviv invited women from the shelters to Good Morning in the Port at the Tel Aviv Port. The special event included the comedienne Lital Shwartz, models, professional make up artists from Il Makiage and representatives from Crazy Line. The women were pampered and had an amazing day thanks to the caring and giving people all around.

Good Deeds Day no to violence

Good Deeds Day no to violence

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