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Women’s Circles

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The Herzlia Shelter is very fortunate to be supported by Women’s Circle 7, a wonderful organization working to help others.

On March 3, 2014, women met to celebrate and donate time and money to the children in the shelter in a colorful and well-planned event organized by the group. The evening took place in a house on the beach in Jaffa where a movie showed the Women’s Circle’s activities in the shelter. Daniela Kehat, CEO of the women’s shelter organization, made a speech thanking the women for their work which is invaluable to the women and children in the shelters.

The donations raised at the event will be used to renovate the clubhouse where the shelter’s children spend their free time doing homework, playing, working on computers and participating in various activities and workshops.

The women of Women’s Circle 7 work all year to meet the special needs of the shelter. They purchase food baskets for women leaving the shelter to help them in adjusting to daily life outside. They also have a fantastic picnic for the women and children, and a spa day for the women including breakfast, hair styling and color, and manicures.

They bought Purim costumes for the children, not just any costumes, but special costumes for each child according to their personal dream!

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