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New beginnings for 2016

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To our donors, supporters, staff and volunteers and to governmental agencies, and the shelter residents: best wishes for the New Year

Each year brings new possibilities: new opportunities for the women who come to our shelters, new challenges for our staff, and new hope and prayers for the future.
As in previous years, we are happy to bring you up to date on our activities


The Ruth Giladi Hadera shelter – A dream come true

In September 2015 we had the official opening of our new shelter in Hadera. The shelter required much planning as well as communication with our neighbors and extensive fund-raising. A great deal of thought went into meeting the needs of our women and children.
As a result of the efforts and investments and the generous contribution of the Giladi family, we succeeded in creating a shelter that can house 12 families, providing an ideal, intimate and warm environment.
In the new shelter there is a day-care facility for toddlers that provides close supervision and education as per the requirements of the Ministry of Welfare. In addition, we provide our pre-school children with ecological awareness in the lovely vegetable and herb garden.
We are extremely proud of the fact that in our new Hadera shelter there are facilities to accommodate residents with special needs.
Dalit Ashuri, who was the shelter director for many years, resigned this year in order to continue her studies. She has been replaced by Hannah Shoshani, who was previously the social worker for the Hadera shelter. We send our best wishes to both of our colleagues.


Our new Executive Director, Yael Gold

In June of this year, Yael Gold became our Executive Director. She was chosen from among many able candidates to replace Daniela Kehat, who had been our director for the past three years. Yael graduated from the Hebrew University with a B.A. in Social Work and holds an MBA from Haifa University, with specialties in not-for profit organizations, directorships, coaching and mediation. Before joining LO, Yael held senior positions in both the public and private sectors. She was an administrator in companies providing services to health and welfare agencies. She was also the director of  Micha, an NGO for services to deaf children, as well as a volunteer for several other charitable organizations.
It is not easy to take the reins of an organization in various stages of opening and building three shelters, in addition to getting to know our staff, and the particular problems and needs of our reside

Rishon LeZion shelter – continuing to grow

The Rishon shelter is operating under the magic wand of its director, Haya Burstein, and her dedicated team. Currently the shelter has a large garden where the children can play, have fun and get lots of exercise.
During 2016  we will begin to build our new shelter on the lot provided by the City of Rishon LeZion

Herzlia shelter – on our way

We have broken ground for the new Herzlia shelter, and shortly we will have the cornerstone laying ceremony. The innovative model for this new shelter incorporates an holistic concept for the needs of our women and children residents as well as the staff. Our current building has been in use since 1988 and no longer meets current requirements.
Dorit Dagan, the shelter’s dynamic director, and her expert staff, aim to provide our women and children residents with the best possible experience during their stay with us.


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