Fighting violence against women


About No to Violence Against Women

No to Violence Against Women began its activities in September 1977. Our organization has brought about change in the attitude and awareness of the Israeli society to the problem of domestic violence. The issue has been exposed to every home in Israel through the media, to the Knesset, the police, the offices of Social Welfare, Health, Education, Housing, Interior & Absorption.

 Three Shelters:
Over 10,000 women and their children have found a refuge at our shelters in our three shelters. Children make up 60-65% of the shelter population.
The shelter population has changed drastically since we first began our work. At first, the majority of the women who arrived were primarily Jewish women of oriental backgrounds from all parts of Israel. In the mid 80’s Arab women began arriving at the shelter (including Bedoui and Druze women).
The first Ethiopian woman arrived shortly after we opened our Herzliya shelter and many women from Ethiopia have stayed with us with their children.

In the 90’s Women from the former USSR began inhabiting the shelters in growing numbers.They were Jewish, Christian, Moslem.
At about that time we were first exposed to the horrifying phenomena of trafficking in women and gave a refuge and home to dozens of women fleeing from vicious and dangerous pimps. We worked with the police, embassies, Knesset members, the Ministry of Welfare.
In the last few years we have encountered problems of women with no status: temporary foreign workers, with expired work permits or no permits; wives of Israeli Arabs from the Palestinian Territories with no status in Israel (although their children, who were born in Israel are Israelis).
Every one of these groups brought with them their cultural differences, lack of Hebrew language skills, often with no family and support network.

Some of the women were pregnant and delivered their in local hospitals babies while staying at our shelters.

 Government Funding
Paradoxically, Government budgets did not catch up with the cost of living expenses. In the past, Govt. participation made up 90% of our budget. Today it covers 73%. Even if we deduct expenses of our Hotline and Legal Dept., we only receive 80% of our budget from the Government.

Thus we must increase our fund-raising efforts. If you wish to donate, click here

 Shelter Staff
Is made up of a director, social workers, child psychologist, housemothers (who work in 24 hour shifts including holidays),a child care worker, a part time advocate.
There are additional professional workers: psychotherapist, drama or arts therapists, biblio- therapy, animal fondling, mother & child training, etc.
Volunteer cosmeticians, hairdressers, reflexology, martial arts, helping children with their studies and computer skills.
We are proud to point out that in all three shelters we have staff workers who were former residents at our shelters.
Directors of our shelters are:
Dorit Dagan – Herzliya
Dalit Ashuri – Hedera
Haya Burshtein – Rishon Le Zion

The director of our Hotlines is Dr. Ina Pazin, who runs the training courses for all new volunteers as well as organizes and operates our 24 hour Hotlines with some 60 volunteers.

 The Legal Section
Is made up of two lawyers:
Advocate Shirley Galilee-Orlovsky who gives guidance and represents women who are not shelter residents and Advocate Meirav Zfoni who represents women residents in our three shelters.

Ruth Rasnic is the Chairman of the organization, Daniela Kehat is the executive director of the organization, with a part-time accounts worker and an administrative assistant.

 Lectures and Day Seminars
At our shelters we constantly organize lectures and day seminars to members of the Knesset, soldiers, police officers, students, medical professionals, women’s organizations, etc. We go out to various locations and instruct at police academy, university, college as well as high school students.

No to Violence Against Women received the SHDEROT MERIT AWARD in 2006.

Founder & Executive Director: Honored by lighting the Independence Eve Torch in 2000
Received the Life Quality Prize by the Knesset Chair in 2008
The Israel Prize for her Lifetime Achievements in 2009



 Shelters for abused women and their children
 Day seminars / lectures
 2nd stage housing
 Hotline for women in Hebrew
 Hotline for women in Russian
 Hotline for children
 Training hotline volunteers

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